Action Against Food Waste Across Europe


A third of food is wasted between the farm and plate according to campaigners who are pressing for laws to stop food waste.

Following France’s ban on supermarkets throwing out leftover foods, efforts to force supermarkets to waste less food are gaining momentum across Europe.

In the United Kingdom, MEPs voted 600 to 48 for new laws that aim to end practices by supermarkets and grocery chains that result in an overproduction and waste of foods.

The Parliament’s environment committee demanded laws to have food waste cut in half by 2030 in a separate report. This followed the European commission having ditched a proposal for food waste targets the previous year.

The author of the report, Simona Bonafe to the press: “While 800 million people in the world go hungry every day, nearly 100m tonnes of Europe’s food is wasted each year. This is a paradox of our time that is no longer bearable. At last, we have the opportunity to structure our legislation to prevent food waste in the EU.”

The EU has currently no legally binding targets when it comes to food waste although some, including Slovakia’s environment minister are pressing for their implementation.

“The sooner we start to have ambitious targets for food waste the better,” he was quoted saying.

According to several experts, almost a third of the world’s food is lost between the farm and plate, costing the economy $940 billion per year.

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