Private Schools for Better Education

Not all is rosy looking at education here in the United Kingdom. Our public school system is for the longest suffering from problems that are ranging from underfunding to overcrowding, and now there is a new debate about grammar schools and whether those would really benefit the U.K.’s education standards as claimed by their proponents.

private-schools-uk-better-earningsFor many families, privately operated schools are increasingly more seen as the better alternative to the U.K.’s public school system.

And those families would not even be wrong in their opinion.

Why could private schools be a better alternative to state schools?

While private schooling institutions come obviously with the main disadvantage that they cost fees, their advantages may well offset the costs.

By and large, private schools can help students to attain better grades as compared to grades in the public school system. This,  among other things , is often the result of smaller classes which means that teachers are better able to support pupils who require help.

With better funding and less financial troubles as compared to state schools, privately owned schools are normally better equipped to offer their students opportunities that they often won’t have in the public school system. This can encompass things such as educational trips, modern equipment and many times a greater variety when it comes to courses, classes and extracurricular activities.

In some cases, looking at some of the most renowned private schools in the United Kingdom, the simple fact of having visited a particular private school may be all that is needed to land a good job. Employers today know about the reputation of those schools and will in all likelihood prefer the candidate coming from a private school over the one who visited a state school. Statistics indeed back up that most high-paying jobs in the UK are held by those with a background in private education.

When you choose a school for you children, consider whether a private school would be the better option. At prep school Hertfordshire you can find more information to help you with this decision.


Electronic Invoicing Works Also for Small Businesses

I did not know too much about electronic invoicing just several months ago. This was before Jerry  told me about it and urged me that I should use electronic invoicing for my business like he does. To make a long story short, switching to electronic invoicing was one of the best decisions I had ever made since started out with my small restaurant biz last year.

electronic-invoice-2Ever since, when I am raving about it and recommend it to some of my peers, in particular because of the enormous time savings of electronic invoicing, they naturally ask me questions about it.

Most of the time it seems that those who never heard about electronic invoicing think that it’s only something that makes sense for large companies.

One of my friends even said “Why should I switch to electronic invoicing? I own a small business, I don’t think this would be for me”.

Here is the the most important thing that you need to know: e-invoicing actually works beautifully regardless of your business’ size. In fact, it is most effective if you have a small business with only a view employees. Even if you are a one-man show so to speak, an entrepreneur or a freelancer, electronic invoicing will be more than worth it!

You can do the math for yourself: look at your business and see how much time and work you are affording every week just to do your invoices. This includes gathering all the data from your paper invoices, and then of course creating them and mailing them off. Take into account the time it takes via postal mail until your invoices are entirely processed end of course take into account costs in case you are one of those who sends invoices in the mail separately. Take into account how many how many of your employees need to work on this task.

Now imagine that electronic invoicing does away with all those issues. You don’t print out your invoices any longer and you don’t need to mail them. You simply send them online in the same way as you would do with emails. You can do invoices within a minute or two from your mobile device.

Those are substantial time savings which only add up the smaller businesses. Now you can see why I recommend electronic invoicing especially and in particular those who own small businesses.